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Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Interior Design Ideas - Snow White

I know it's a little premature to be thinking of snow – but couldn't resist sharing this beautiful white lounge with you. You have to admit that it look stunning with the touches of gold adding an elegant touch.

Furthermore this lounge isn't swamped by swathes of curtains and drapes and proves a point that a vertical blind can make a superb window dressing. The vertical blind slats give hight to the room along with an extremely versatile approach to privacy and fabulous light control.

All white rooms are still being favoured by interior designers this season; especially if rooms aren't that large as white enables a room to appear much larger, however the stark and clinical approach is subtly being made into a warm and friendly home look with the addition of soft grey rugs and statement table lamps.

Of course there is no room for clutter (my obsession which I haven't mentioned for a long time!) - having a beautiful lounge is easy to achieve on a budget as white paint is probably the cheapest wall and ceiling paint; paint flooring white will also help to highlight your rugs in an understated natural way.

Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Small home office lighting - Home office lighting fixtures

Have you been searching for a distinctive way to Small home office lighting - Home office lighting fixtures. Do you feel that the lighting lamps in your home are outdated and need a change? Then here are some tips that can help you through this quest.You can start off with light fixtures, Small home office lighting - Home office lighting fixtures are relatively inexpensive and can give your home

Modular home office furniture - Affordable home office furniture

Probably one of the biggest benefits of a Modular home office furniture - Affordable home office furniture is that it is more cost effective than a building with a lot of individual offices. A Modular home office furniture - Affordable home office furniture normally comprises a large work area (or room) for a group of people working together. Rent on this type of space is less than on the

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Modern Home Office Living Room - Home office living room ideas

When creating a design for Modern Home Office Living Room - Home office living room ideas, keep in mind how Modern Home Office Living Room - Home office living room ideas will be used. A living room with surround sound, for example, will require a particular design in order to get the full effect of that sound. Whether there is surround sound or no sound, a Modern Home Office Living Room - Home

Home office living room design - Feng Shui modern home living room interior

Home office living room design - Feng Shui modern home living room interior is an ancient Chinese art that promotes well-being through design. Feng Shui practitioners say that, when a space is properly designed and the objects and furniture properly arranged, your feelings of safety and comfort affect your attitude and even your level of success. When Feng Shui principles are implemented, they

Faux Fur Rugs are Right On-Trend This Season

If you want to be right up to date with the latest interior design ideas then you need rugs – in every room! Not just any old rug will do, the look is all about keeping things in balance along with remembering that although big is beautiful it can overwhelm a room and make it look smaller than it is in reality – sometimes less really is more, so it's worth bearing this in mind with your choice of rugs.

A popular choice for using faux fur fabric is with area rugs - usually the larger the better in this context. Yet there is something so welcoming about a faux fur rug to keep your feet nice and toasty during colder months! White fur is very on trend and is probably one of the easiest and flexible of all colours - in simple white it is far less about adding colour or pattern; it is all about the added texture and warmth which can be used successfully in almost any decorating style. Contemporary monochrome schemes can be given more warmth with a zebra print rug or try a patchwork brown for rustic décor.

Image: Belle Maison

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010


Unfortunately we had no choice but to let go of Olivia today, just five short days after she first became ill. We still don't know the cause (it might have been bacterial, fungal, or a toxin), but the effect was quite simply devastating -- her liver completely shut down, and no manner of drug nor treatment was going to bring it back. I'm still in a state of shock at this twist my life has taken

Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Olivia Update

After a horrible day yesterday, when every sign pointed towards me having to say goodbye to Olivia today, we have received some very positive news this morning. Olivia has started to respond to treatments, her liver is recovering and, while we're not out of the woods yet, the vet is "cautiously optimistic".I will still count it as a tremendous blessing if I get to take Olivia home after this

Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Advice for New Moms: Home to Three Duncan Boys

Hi guys, I’m Lakeitha from Home to three Duncan Boys and I’m here today sharing my baby must haves with Averill for her little “munchkin”! Munchkin products are my absolute favorite. They make a wide variety of baby accessories that I think are perfect for new moms! Plus the color combinations are just too darn cool to pass up! Here are a few of my favorites…For Feeding:Breastfeeding may be ideal

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010


Update (7pm): Many thanks for all the sweet messages and comments. We had to do a plasma transfusion today, but fortunately Olivia has responded very well to treatment so far and her vitals and behavior are both markedly better. We won't be out of the woods until tomorrow when we can do some more blood work, but this is a very hopeful development.Please excuse the lack of postings this week. My

Interior Design Ideas for Tweens Bedrooms

Create a trendy teen or tween bedroom by using grey as your accent colour - they will surely love you for a contemporary neutral scheme. So hold back from using it on the walls, especially if you plan to make something else from the room when they flee the nest. Instead, use a fresh and light cream for the walls and get creative with a mixture of bedding essentials in grey and black. Choose dark grey linens as opposed to white, a collection of pillows and cushions in a range of greys that might look like pebbles from the beach and a black and white graphic print duvet cover sets.

Make sure you allow your tween to have their say in the style and design of their room. If you don't want the walls plastered with posters give them cork boards on which they can add their own personal notes and favourite images. Keep the window dressings simple – the less fuss the better perhaps more especially for young boys.

Having grey flooring will complete the look add plain bedroom rugs to add a touch of intimacy without going over the top – plain contrasting colours are a good idea and can be changed whenever the room needs a new lease of life.

Image: My Favourite and My Best (Blog)

Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

The verdict is in....

Dave and I went to our anatomy ultrasound today and are happy to report (first and foremost) that everything looks great and....that we're expecting a boy in early March! Time to launch the nursery design efforts in earnest.In the meantime though, and (unfortunately) on a more somber note, I ask that you keep my cousin Carol, her husband and their darling daughter in your prayers and thoughts

All Things Bright & Beautiful

Don't let the cold days and the thought of winter dampen your spirits! Brighten your living space with a bright and cheerful colour scheme to beat the winter blue without redecorating. How? - easy add some large floral cushions to your sofa to be right on trend this winter.

Although neutrals are still 'big' this year the injection of bright autumnal oranges and reds is a great way to keep your home looking bright and beautiful right throughout winter and into spring. The trend for hand-made soft furnishings also remains on-trend; simply buy curtain fabrics online and be spoilt with the plethora of super patterns and designs to make your own cheap cushion covers, curtains and blinds.

For a retro look take a step back to the swinging sixties with large psychedelic patterns and bold floral prints in orange, lime green and purple. Choose lime green curtains to add a real pop of colour to your rooms or keep neutral with cream eyelet curtains ready made for a more subdued look.

It may also be time to steer away from the stereotypical Christmas colours and inject colour and a whole new revival of informal chic elegance to your home!

Image: Haven and Home

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010


You may be thinking that I have a strange facination with Gossip Girl but really I don't.  Okay, maybe a little,  but between the fashion and the interiors it's a no brainer for me.  I think it was last week where I was tuning in on Monday night and saw the most amazing butterfly wall behind Serena's (Blake Lively) bed. I had to do some digging and find out more about it.  I have been searching

Advice for New Moms: My Little Happy Place

This week's advice comes courtesy of Alison G. at My Little Happy Place. Alison is the mother of two darling little girls, Avery and Isla -- and the designer of both of their darling nurseries. I'm particularly loving Alison's advice on what I don't need as a major goal of mine is to not overcrowd my house with unnecessary baby items!* * *I'd like to think I have something to offer a new mom, as

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

A little retail therapy...

How did I not know Jonathan Adler was coming out with a diffusion line over at HSN?! Mayhap I've been focusing far too much on babies and nurseries over here. In any case, get yourselves over to pronto and check out all the Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler line, which includes plenty of candles, lamps, vases, pillows, throws and other accessories in Adler's signature motifs and bright colors.


So if you read my blog at all then you know how much I adore Sarah Richardson (aka designer extraordinaire).  I knew she and Tommy (aka design sidekick) were coming to the IDSwest and I knew that I had to be there to see them in action.  They mostly answered design questions from the audience and talked about their new shows starting soon on HGTV.  Sarah is working on a new Sarah's House that

Autumn/Winter Interior Design Ideas

It's well known that once the fashion industry shows it's latest season that interior designers will also be guiding us to the latest styles and designs which emulate the catwalks.

This season there appears to be two styles which are 'must haves' in both fashion and interior design.

The first is layering up – which means you can use a whole plethora of windows dressing at the same time if you want to be bang on-trend! Layering window dressings is nothing new – it's been around for some time the big difference this year is the amount of layers you you. Basically the more the better!

Begin with roller blinds fitted within the window casing – if you have problems with privacy Venetian blinds can be used instead. Then have full length curtains hung from either curtain poles or curtain tracks; the next layer is a sheer fabric such as silk curtain fabric or voile curtain fabric. Choose a complimentary colour which allows the alternative coloured curtains to show through and you'll have a trendy window dressing which will also help to insulate your home.

The second aspect is lace – and lots of it! You could return to net curtains as your main staple – however to be on-trend you should choose modern designs, colours and patterns. Again, use lace to layer-up your window dressing. Lace would be an ideal replacement for plain sheer fabrics and will add a touch of rough luxe to your room, especially if you steer away from white and opt for ivory or even black lace!

Image: Belle Maison

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

And the winner is...

I'm excited to announce that the winner of Mary McDonald's new design book, Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style, is Anastasia from Precious and Pink. Many thanks to everyone who entered to win! This weekend, I'm off to entertain the in-laws so I'll see everyone back here next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Little Boys' Rooms

Amanda NisbetI thought in many ways it would be more difficult to do a roundup of little boys' rooms that I love as opposed to little girls' (see HERE for last week's installment), but once I got going, I found a ton of wonderfully inspiring spaces that tow the line perfectly between a mother's desire to decorate and a boy's desire to be, well, a boy. As with the girls' rooms, trends did tend to

Maximising Space

In an apartment that just accommodates all of your belongings but with little space to spare, some clever design tips are in order. When choosing furniture for the lounge, do look for slimmer forms that don't bulk out your room near to explosion; plus, a sofa without arms is going to give the impression of more openness. Armless furniture helps a great deal when you want to have a more airy feel in the lounge or dining room should you have one. Furthermore, with the sofa in place you should figure out the best layout for other pieces that make the most of your limited space whilst still allowing for good human traffic. Bring your furniture to the centre of the room as opposed to pushing up against the walls and anchor this zone with a statement floor rug (just don't have too much busy pattern or colour going on).

This moving around actually creates another dilemma for some - those who can't stand to see the back of the sofa and the seemingly wasted floor space. Don't stress; I suggest pushing a console table to the back of the sofa that is both slim and at the ideal height (about a foot lower than the sofa back) - a glass top is particularly good to increase that open feeling. The console table can double up as a decorative piece and a home study/work area with a funky table lamp uk and vase of fresh flowers.

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Advice for New Moms: Maddie G Designs

Today I'm thrilled to welcome Susie from Maddie G. Designs, a great resource for trade-only buying and a wonderfully inspiring blog. I knew Susie would be a wonderful resource for new mom advice (not only does she have a toddler, but she's expecting her second child in just a few short weeks!) and I wasn't disappointed -- this post has me scurrying to my registry to add/change so many things.* *

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Book Review -- Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style

Last week Mary McDonald came out with her first book Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style. I'm fairly picky about what design books to pick up because, not only can they often be on the pricey side, but they're often just...disappointing. Most interiors books are just picture books for adults -- all style and no substance (and sometimes even the style ain't that great). But, since I've

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Little Girls' Bedrooms

Natasha BaradaranOf course the past few weeks I've been busy collecting inspiration photos of children's rooms. So I thought I might go ahead and post a round-up of some of my favorite rooms: first girls' and then boys' (which, I'll admit, where a lot harder to find!). [Aside: And no, I still don't know what I'm having, but I should when I go to the doctor next on the 20th!] This first room from

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Back To University – Budget Decorating Ideas

Whether you've managed to get a room in the Halls of Residence, a bed-sit or sharing with a friend you'll want to make your living space your home by the trendiest yet cheapest ways possible!

Try to choose furniture with modern, clean lines and neutral colours - choose quality upholstery/materials that have more staying power such as a leather upholstered desk chair. Such items will transition into a multiple of styles when you do decorate your first home.

Accessories are needed in a study/bedroom as the universities rarely offer much more than white walls, a standard single bed, desk and a shelf. When considering décor pieces, imagine what you would like to see in your first apartment - will it be self-graffitied files or sophisticated ones made from leather? Do you want a beautiful house plant or will it be a plant-pot full of loose coins, spare pens and cocktail straws? Coloured glass is a pretty accessory in various forms and is a timeless décor piece. Just remember to take care of your plant with adequate water and light!

Hide a shabby or threadbare carpet with cheap rugs; opt for bright colours and bold patterns to bring a 'zing' into your new 'home'!

Image: a life's design

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Advice for New Moms: What We Eat

I'm excited today to announce the start of Odi et Amo's new fall guest blogger weekly series. This time around, I'm looking for some great advice for new moms (selfish of me, no?). Topics will range from product reviews and suggestions, setting up the nursery, and that sort of indispensable advice that you often only learn by experience. My first guest blogger is Christy, blogger of the food blog

Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

The Erickson Vancouver

These are some preview pictures of a current project I just completed the Interior Design for in the newest luxury development in Vancouver, The Erickson building, situated on the most treasured waterfront location in Vancouver overlooking False Creek. It was designed by the late Arthur Erickson(1924 – 2009), one of the masters architects of our time. 

“Beauty in a home conveys a sense of harmony and wholeness….created with the end experience of the owner in mind”
The Erickson Building Vancouver 
The Erickson Building Vancouver

 Patricia Gray | Interior Design
The Erickson Building Vancouver Dining Room silver leaf ceilings  

Patricia Gray | Interior Design  
The Erickson Building Vancouver
view from living room Patricia Gray Inc. 

Patricia Gray | Interior Design 
The Erickson Building Vancouver looking south across False Creek  
 Patricia Gray |  Interior Design    
The Erickson Building Vancouver looking east across David Lam Park
Patricia Gray |  Interior Design
The Erickson Building Vancouver onyx counter Powder Room

Patricia Gray Inc The Erickson

“Powerful design has a lasting and profound impact on the imagination. 
It sparks change, shapes our world and inspires our future.” 
Bottom Photo Credit: Albarosa Simonetti

PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning interior design firm writing about lifestyle and
WHAT'S HOT in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
2011 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Eat in kitchens the new trend?

A kitchen island is practical because of storage and more counter surface but the idea of having a casual eat in kitchen is very appealing to me. It reminds me of those great Italian style meals where everyone gathers around a big table in the kitchen and enjoys a feast of good food and wine.  Would you replace your island for this eat in style?  I guess my only complaint would be eating around a

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

Halloween Costume High/Low

I love Halloween costumes. And I'll even admit that I love Martha Stewart's fantastical, creative takes on Halloween costumes. The only issue I ever buy of Martha Stewart Living, just to relish in the fantasy that this year I'll craft away my October weekends and throw together one helluva DIY costume.But let's get real. Most weekends it's all I can do to check off the "must do" errands and