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Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

Contemporary Dining - Perfect Symmetry and Style!

Consider the colours that you could use in your dining room, it is best to keep to monotone, for example just simply black and white, or a variation on this theme, blue and yellow, both of these and any other colour mood you want to create, will be fine for your complete dining experience, and at the same time will give you the chance to really to make the most of your kitchen and dining area. If you are in any doubt just look at the people who have already undertaken such projects of making a kitchen truly one of the most important rooms in their house.

Opulent and grandiose dining rooms could be focused on crystal decanters placed on the table, as well as crystal glasses that all go to make the overall effect one of feeling extremely privileged and at the same time proud to be there! More often than not centred over the middle of the table would be a huge chandelier scattering the light to all parts of the room, and this was often offset by the furniture that was placed in the room, large ornate pieces of wood fashioned into cabinets and sideboards and all in dark wood.

Place designer rugs under the table to help ground your colours; remember that a dining room rug should be sufficiently large so that when the chairs are pulled out they are still within the rug, rather than being half on your other flooring. This will also provide a more symmetrical look to the room.

Of course no dining table would have been complete without the most finest of cutlery being laid out in perfect symmetry and style!

Image: Vintage + Chic

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Contemporary Dining – An Art Form

The contemporary aspect can be completed by having some very modern vases with flowers and plants arranged accordingly, this can often make for a splash of natural colour if you have decorated you dining room in white. There is definitely an art to having a contemporary dining room, and at the end of the day you want it to be a place of comfort and relaxation, but at the same time being functional and somewhere not only you and your family can enjoy, but at those times you are entertaining guests for diner, and you want the whole experience of dining in style to be remembered.

On a note of caution it is wise to keep clear of using black as this can often enclose the room and make it feel very suffocating. Instead use colours that are associated with food, such a greens and red, you may even want to add in a touch of yellow by using a yellow rug rather than cream. There is also open to you the possibility of using some sort of texture when you are painting your dining room. Let your imagination take over for a moment and you will find that interior design ideas and inspirations will come to you far more easily, and you will suddenly find the best way to make your dining experience the warm and friendly one you want to achieve.

Image: Home Designing

Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Be Inspired by Mother Nature

Look at the different types of textures that Mother Nature has to offer, see how serene a Silver Birch is for example and the shine of its bark could throw up many an interior design ideas to decorate your house. Look at the texture of a pine-cone and think how you could incorporate that look in a rustic way; maybe it reminds you of winter, therefore simply by adding brown rugs you can replicate the thoughts of the warmth a crackling open-fire brings.

Likewise, this season (it's now officially Spring!) conjures up thoughts of nature casting off its winter coat and springing into life with green buds giving up bursts of colour, daffodils, blue-bells and tulips provide us with vibrant colours – use these in your home as accessories and soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, rugs, ready made curtains and ready made blinds and make your home burst into new life!

Having a well balanced and well thought out room that is decorated from the inspiration that nature gives us, is perhaps one of the best themes to have going through your home, especially if you are lucky enough to live in the country, but even if you are not, you can bring the countryside in to your home where ever you live.

Image: Belle Maison

Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Ottomans, Benches, Foot Stools

Ottomans have become a favourite of mine to use in family/media rooms and dens. I like using them for several reasons. First and foremost they serve as the indispensable coffee table. I like to make mine with tight tops and rather flat as opposed to padded with a pillow effect. This way you can set things on top of them without worrying about them toppling over. Secondly you can comfortably set your feet on them and be in a semi-reclining position to watch TV, read or maybe even fall asleep. Thirdly I can have them made any size to fit the requirements of the room. This is a real benefit because large coffee tables are hard to find. In the space below the ottoman is made out of deep chocolate brown faux Ostrich. This family has two young daughters and they use the ottoman to color on and do their craft projects and have snacks. Spills can be wiped up easily, and the deep brown faux ostrich adds and a nice textural interest and makes a dramatic center focal point for the room. Patricia Gray | Interior Design Patricia Gray | Interior Design 

This ottoman is large by ottoman standards 5 feet by 3 1/2 feet. It is covered in Holly Hunt, Hair on Hide Leather, in a creamy butterscotch color. It was made long so 3 people sitting on the sofa could all put their feet up on it, and I made it deep enough to that there was still room at the back for the inevitable books, magazines, remote controls and trays for snacks and drinks. It also doubles as extra seating for parties. What coffee table has that much versatility?

Patricia Gray | Interior Design

 Patricia Gray | Interior Design
The Ottoman in this penthouse I had made in charcoal gray Beacon Hill "Pashmina". It is soft and luxurious like a Cashmere blanket and makes a nice warming contrast to the leather sofa. It sits on top of the same color of Belgium wool area carpet. Facing the sofa is the view with the TV hung and framed between the windows. Where else do you put the TV in a room that is all windows & view.

Patricia Gray | Interior Design 

Patricia Gray | Interior Design

tufted bench1 tufted bench5

tufted bench3 tufted bench4

PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning interior design firm writing about lifestyle and
WHAT'S HOT in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
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Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Interior Design Tips for Decorating A Nursery Part 2

In this post I'm going to carry on sharing interior design ideas for your baby's nursery; this time looking a colours, possible wall decoration, and window treatments.

Colour is very important in decorating and when it comes to a nursery, you should keep the baby's development in mind. Newborns see everything in black and white while reds and yellows are the first actual colours they can perceive. You might want to avoid red and yellows, as they will kind of jump out at your baby from a what they see as a colourless room. Instead, use pastels, blues and violets in your nursery decorating attempts.

Decorating Walls Budget Style:
Are you looking for some economical options for wall art? For a few pounds, you can frame pages from your favourite childhood books. This is a simple and cost effective way to add colour, decoration and a bit of nostalgia as well. Baby blankets and quilts your child has outgrown are potential wall decorations as well. As your child grows you can use this same principle with album art and film posters.

Window Treatments:
Childrens curtains with blackout lining will help your baby sleep during daylight hours. There are a whole host of plain or patterned children's curtain fabrics online in a wide variety of gorgeous colours to compliment your nursery furnishings and colour scheme.

Decorating the nursery is an exciting endeavour for first time as well as repeat parents. There are all kinds of themes you can use from simple gender specific colour coordination to licensed character décor such as Strawberry Shortcake, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Toy Story or Shrek. Remember to choose age appropriate toys and accessories for safety sake and use furnishings that are easy to clean.

Image: Blogatlantahomesmag

Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Interior Design Tips for Decorating A Nursery Part 1

If you are expecting your first baby, decorating the nursery is new territory. The first order of business will be to choose an overall theme, if you plan on using one. For example, many parents to be will wait until they can determine the sex of the baby and then choose gender appropriate themes. Princesses for little girls and sports themes are common for boys, though these are far from the only option. Current animated television shows and films are often used to decorate a new baby room.

A nursery should have a variety of lighting options. Overhead lights are great most of the time however, there will be times when you want nothing more than a night light for late night feeds or area lighting for specific tasks such as reading to your baby at bedtime. One simple way to create mood lighting is by installing a dimmer switch. You can also use strategically placed cheap table lamps and small night-lights.

As your baby grows, messes are going to be a familiar occurrence. If you want to protect your carpet while adding a splash of colour to the room look into a large area rug. You can use one large rug or several smaller area rugs, either way make sure they are made of easy to clean materials as they will take the brunt of the dirt and damage.

Image: Interiorimprovementblogspot

Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

My Vision of Heaven

A beautiful door, sunshine, a pea gravel garden path! 

Photo Credit

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Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

Decluttering my shelving unit

I decided that my ikea shelving unit needed a major clean up. I had mentioned in an earlier post how I found the perfect project to start my spring cleaning. I always like changing things up and making things feel new again. This shelving unit had become a catch all for all sorts of things. I didn't buy anything new I just used the things I already had and reorganized it. Here are some

Glass Shower Cabin Design

Glass Shower Cabin Glass Shower CabinGlass shower cabin allow their owners to become modern bathrooms, elegant spaces. With the right combination of glass walls and stylish designs to choose from, you can even resemble a bathroom area with a high end hotel bathroom!Glass Shower CabinGlass shower cabin are becoming more and more reasonable prices these days. With increasing number of available

Enjoy Your Decorating!

Creating your personalised home décor does not have to be difficult, but it may take some time to get it all down 'pat'. Do not look at home decorating as a chore but more as a challenge if you will. It might be challenging to try to figure out how to pull your home together, but it is not impossible. Talk to friends and family throughout this process; they will be more than happy to give you feedback on your decorating and interior design ideas!

Need more space?
There are many ways to give the illusion of space in a small room. Light colours, good lighting and carefully chosen and place furniture are just a few tricks you can use to open a small room. You will also want to avoid installing shelves or other protruding pieces on the wall. You can make a huge difference in a small bathroom simply by removing shelves!

Add something new to lift your mood!
Add cheap rugs to brighten up dull or faded flooring – it's an inexpensive way to create a whole new look, especially if you coordinate the colours with your curtains, cushions and throws; and no one need know that they're not designer labels!

Image: Belle Maison

Selasa, 08 Maret 2011

A Glimmer of Hope

When I opened the blinds in my office this morning this is what I saw….could you hear me clapping my hands? I even did a little dance around my desk……. so happy, so happy. For those of you who live in Vancouver, you will understand. For those of you who live in more southern locations, you will think I have totally gone crazy. Yesterday I found myself on the internet looking up SAD to see if this was my problem, but today I know that I am just missing the sunshine. These beautiful crocuses that I planted last fall are my reminder that spring it is just around the corner! How strong and hardy they are pushing their way up and through the rocks. A testament to our northern spirit.

A view of the crocuses from my office window.

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WHAT'S HOT in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
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Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Steve Jobs on Design

 Steve Jobs on Design via Pinterest

I love this quote by Steve Jobs.
What do you think? Is good design more than just looking pretty?

Join the discussion by leaving a comment.

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PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning interior design firm writing about lifestyle and
WHAT'S HOT in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
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Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Vicente Wolf and Inuit Art in Vancouver

I had the pleasure of spending time with Vicente Wolf on his trip to Vancouver where he spoke at the Buildex convention. Albarosa Simonetti had put together an itinerary of  Native Art Galleries and we spent the afternoon looking for Inuit dolls made of Caribou antler for Vicente’s private collection. As well as showing Vicente the sights of Vancouver we had lots of time to talk about design, travel, photography and share stories.

Patricia Gray, Vicente Wolfe, Albarosa Simonetti at Buildex Vancouver

Patricia Gray, Vicente Wolf at Inuit Gallery Vancouver

Narwhal Gallery: Samonie Toonoo - Hockey Player
Inuit Caribou Antler Dolls

These Inuit dolls carved from Caribou antler which is a renewable resource, shed by the animal annually, have the arms and legs attached with sinew. Their antecedence is in ancient Inuit history, and were often the only toy that a small girl would have. They are absolutely charming in their simplicity. I would not have known about them were it not for Vicente’s passion for collecting.

imageVicente Wolfe Collection of Inuit Dolls in his Montauk home

Top 2 photos: Albarosa Simonetti
Photo 3 Photo Credit
Bottom Photo Credit

Contemporary Interior Design Ideas: In The Bedroom

Who said the only furniture in the bedroom has to be the bed, bedside tables and dressers? When you want to add form and function to your bedroom consider adding some seating. This will of course only be possible in a larger bedroom, but if you have the room, an elegant chaise can completely transform it into an luxurious parlour. You could also create a cosy corner with an overstuffed chair, end table, small lamp and a footstool. When you need to create a place of escape within your home, this is a good option.

Add elegance to your bedroom with full length pencil pleat curtains in a soothing, chic colour – again if you've got a large bedroom – have the curtains extend further than the end of your windows to create a chic hotel look. Statement headboards are also part of the contemporary design scene – make your own by choosing fabulous patterned curtain material online. It's a good idea to add extra height to get the full effect and if you can tie-in your bed's valance with the same fabric it will bring a sense of balance and cohesion to your room.

Image: Belle Maison

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Contemporary Interior Design Ideas - Squaring

One thing that stands out about contemporary and modern design is its sharpness, its concern with function and function as the design itself. Square angles are incredibly functional – it its basic form it maximises space, it is most conducive to guests facing each other while they sit, it gives the easiest option for placement of tables and other accents.

The look of the square design in a lounge is about creating a subtle paradox – the angles and placement are square and sharp, but some of the pieces are curved and sleek and all serving an exact purpose and function. It is related to the use of and shape of the people who are in the room and this creates a really cool relationship between the people, the design and the pieces.

By having this style and it's objects placed in a square fashion, not only does it increase space – which of course makes everything seem bigger and more open, it gives the visitor more time to reflect on what is in the room and its relation to the space.

These shapes also cause us to be extra aware of the space around the object. A square shelving unit on the wall for example, holding books or decorations inside, but carrying nothing on top is a bit of fun tricking on the mind's eye. It is about function and here is a spot where the function is ignored – it can be used, but is not. This causes us to reflect on the space around it and thus on the piece itself.

Take some of the latest interior design ideas and use them in your home – you'll be amazed how different your rooms will look!

Image: decorology

Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Using Colour – Going Green

We're probably all getting fed up with the cliché 'going green' and yet this timeless classic colour has survived through the decades in various shades and continues to be many people's choice of colour in any room in their home.

Darker shades of green, Regency or racing green for example, are ideal for large living areas. Going dark on an accent wall and bringing the room together with dark green ready made curtains, cushions and throws can creates a refined and sophisticated look. Paler shades are ideal to team with soft pinks for an on-trend look which suits all styles of homes; while acid or lime greens are the perfect colours to use with white, aubergine or hot pink in contemporary living spaces.

You don't have to go over-board, as too much of one colour can be very overpowering, however, buy adding pops of green, such as lime green curtains or a green rug, you can rejuvenate a tired looking room instantly without having to carry out a complete makeover.

Green symbolises growth and new life, making it's the ideal colour to use to give your home a fresh new look this spring. Add floral designs in soft furnishings to create a country cottage look, a majestic and sophisticated look can be achieved using darker hues and for those who want to inject the latest trends should opt for lime, neon or acid greens!

Image: Belle Maison

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

West Coast Homes & Design

This is an article that was just published in West Coast Homes & Design.

WestCoast Homes and Design

WestCoast Homes and Design Patricia Gray

PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning international interior design firm writing about lifestyle and WHAT'S HOT
in the world of interior design, architecture, art and travel.
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Top School Interior Design - Online School Interior Designs

Top School Interior Design - Online School Interior Designs depends on right choice of school to attend. Your clientele will definitely depend on the contacts you know, and the relationships you build in school with other prospective interior designers are fundamental to building a great career. However, the first thing to hurdle is your choice of school. 1. FocusIs it solely Top School Interior

Using Colour - Natural Palettes of Shades Part 2

Carrying on from our my last post - once a base colour has been selected and applied to the majority of the wall surfaces, accent colours can be use to highlight feature aspects of the room; nature-based shades of brown, blue and grey work really well but equally splashes of bright, contrasting colours can be used to add interest and excitement; maybe some fuchsia pink cushions and matching throw or a stunning display of bright red silk flowers in a tall vase. You may like to swap and change these from season to season to give your room a quick and easy update.

Texture is very important when using natural shades; it helps to add layers and depth to what might otherwise be a rather “flat” scheme. In keeping with the simple and uncluttered theme of the Natural décor, a few well-chosen and stunning pieces work better than lots of random items strewn around the room. Again, borrowing from nature offers an enormous choice of beautiful items for your room; sea shells, rocks, smooth pebbles, drift-wood, leather, metals, both shiny and matt and natural fabrics like Hessian and calico.

Flooring in Natural palette rooms is well suited to wood (scrubbed floor-boards rather than shiny formal parquet), stone or rustic tiles. This can be softened by putting down rugs to create a warmer feel to the room.

Image: Belle Maison

Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Dreaming of Summer

Summer is just around the corner – or is this wishful thinking on my part? At this time of year my thoughts turn to thinking of summer and imagining the warmth and taking time to relax outside. So my attention was rightfully piqued when I saw these beautiful pieces of furniture. I always look for a theme when I am captivated by images, and these pieces have canopies over them, thereby eliminating the need for an umbrella. I like the fact in design that ‘form follows function’ and especially when function can be made inherently beautiful.  In other words these loungers are self-contained and functionally-integrated escapes from the sun.

 Hemisphere Lounge Chairs,Cocktail and Side Tables, Orbit with Canopy - Richard Frinier for Dedon
 Hemisphere Lounge Chairs,Cocktail and Side Tables, Orbit with Canopy - Richard Frinier for Dedon

 Daydream Daybeds, Cocktail and Side Tables - Richard Frinier for Dedon 
Daydream Daybeds, Cocktail and Side Tables - Richard Frinier for Dedon

I can just imagine sitting in the warmth in these beautifully designed and functionally-integrated pieces of furniture.
What about you? Are you dreaming about summer?

PATRICIA GRAY INC is an award winning interior design firm writing about lifestyle and
WHAT'S HOT in the world of interior design, architecture, lifestyle, and travel.
2011 © Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™

Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Using Colour - Natural Palettes of Shades Part 1

The possibilities for choosing a colour scheme for your room can seem endless and somewhat daunting. However, by considering various criteria you will almost certainly decide upon a scheme that you love and is just right for your room. Personal choice and favourites are a good place to start – which colours are you naturally drawn to and make you feel good? Think about the size of the room you are decorating and what the room will be used for. How much natural light is there and how much will you be relying on artificial lighting?

The colour wheel is a useful tool when deciding on a colour scheme as it guides you through the harmonising and complementary colours and can help you to decide which combinations of colours and shades work for you and your room.

The Naturals palette of shades is ever popular and timeless. It offers simplicity and a clean and calm ambience. Although maybe not considered as colours in themselves the enormous choice and variety of white and cream shades can be used cleverly to create interesting and beautiful interiors. This is particularly so when they are combined with the creative use of textures and in accessories such as rugs, ornaments, cushions and throws.

Image: Belle Maison

Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Using Colour – Hide & Highlight!

The clever use of colour can help to create lots of different effects in your room. Colour can be used to highlight feature points of the room or to help conceal area that you want to down-play. Cool colours give the effect of increasing space and make the walls appear to recede while warm colours create a cosy environment and tend to bring walls “closer together”. A light colour will help to make a low ceiling appear higher, whereas painting a darker colour on the ceiling will give the impression of bringing it down and reducing the cold feel of the room.

Yellow is an ever-popular colour choice for lots of rooms in the house and can be used in different ways to create a variety of looks. Yellow is naturally cheerful and welcoming, so is a great choice for halls and stairs. However, it can also work to brilliant effect in kitchens and bedrooms.
Pastel yellow shades are a good choice if you are looking to create a sense of airiness and calm.

However, care is needed when using clear yellow shades in north-facing rooms as the poor natural light can lead to a rather drab effect. Denser, more opaque shades tend to work better here. Try accessorising with cushions and throws in a strong, toning colour such as blue or green to create interest and focus in your room. Coloured-glassware and lush green-foliaged house plants will sit well in this setting and complement your colour-scheme.

Image: Belle Maison

Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Advice for New Moms: Pewter + Sage

I'm pleased to welcome Sarah of the blog Pewter + Sage as this week's guest blogger in the Advice for New Moms guest post series. Sarah is a new mom herself, having just had her sweet baby girl Maura just three short months ago. In addition to her new role as mommy, Sarah is also the owner of her own business, where she makes beautiful custom stationery for weddings and just about anything else

Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Using Colour – Pops of Pink

If you are a true lover of pink then you might wish to experiment with varying tones from a hot pink used for wall paint to lighter blushing pinks in textiles and accessories. Do use colour samples to help you get the right tonal scheme. You might want to try something a little whimsical and unexpected with a pink toilet lid or a pink basin in the bathroom.

A rich fuchsia pink is very glamorous when used with metallics and/or mirrored furnishings - an update on Hollywood glamour you might say. When using darker pinks it is very important to get the lighting right in the room - for a focal wall in fuchsia pink, use flexible wall lights or spotlights.

For a touch of luxury, why not cover an antique chair with stunning pink velvet fabric and team with full length hot pink curtains which pool sensually onto the floor in the bedroom? The mix of old and new is bang on-trend this year and despite the misconceptions of pink being too feminine team it with soft grey or the palest of lilacs and you'll have a winning colour combination!

Image: Belle Maison

Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Week Five: A Tour Inside

Last Saturday Dave and I took Dave's grandmother and her best friend on a tour of our new house. Both widows in their 80s, these ladies drive around the South and Southwest volunteering their time and energy to various Christian charities and churches and I am constantly amazed by their energy and faith and we had a great time visiting with them. In any case, as promised, I took a few pictures

Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

On my love of blue.

Atlanta Showhouse It's no secret that I've been having an ongoing love affair with blue the past year or so -- in fact, my family room is practically a homage to the color. Perhaps it's attributable to living in Houston, where the heat and strong light make cool blues particularly refreshing and attractive: no need to worry about a room feeling too cold, after all! Or perhaps it's that I love the

Using colour – It's Yellow in 2011!

If you want to incorporate this year's interior design colour yellow into your home there are some great shades available for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Vivid yellow - think of lemons and a bright summer sun - can be used in a contemporary setting to create a modern and edgy vibe in your room. Vivid colours give high impact and need good natural light to be seen to best effect. Preparation is all important when using such a solid flat colour as any imperfections will be all too easily highlighted. Accessories need to be in keeping with the bold theme of the room and give that wow-factor; the more unusual and eye-catching the better! Look for a range of fabulous plain and patterned curtain fabrics online to make your window dressing and soft furnishings.

Deep yellow is a good choice if you want to create a timeless and traditional interior; it also has the advantage of working well in rooms where natural light is limited and carefully placed lamps and lighting are utilised. Deeper shades of yellow lend themselves to a more relaxed unstructured look so an eclectic mix of simple, uncoordinated accessories such as faded rugs and old leather-bound books will transform you room into a warm and inviting space.

Image: Atticmag

Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Small modular home office furniture - Modern office furniture online

One of the other great Small modular home office furniture - Modern office furniture online is that it can adjust and grow as your business changes and grows. Once you have choose a modular office system, it is easy to add onto or change configurations as needed. It offers room to grow your business without having to restructure your entire office environment.Ergonomics is an important

Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Red, White and Turquoise

Outfitting a room in complimentary colors (which are two hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel), like red and green, has long been a designer's trick to achieving pleasing visual contrast in a space; however, these complimentary pairings (blue/orange, yellow/purple, red/green) can often read as very traditional. To get a more modern feel, try adjusting one or other of the hues

Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Beautiful Green Classic Kitchens Interior Design

House Envy: London

On gray drizzly February days, it can be hard to muster up the willpower to actually get things done around the office. And so, on days like today, I often find myself perusing the "Great Homes and Destinations" section of The New York Times, wishing I were somewhere else. While I suspect the weather in London today looks a lot like Houston's does (but about 30 degrees colder), living in a

Interior Trends 2011 – Eco-Decorating and Technology

Neither of these are particularly new trends but both are rumoured to continue to play a large part of interior design throughout 2011. The main changes will continue to be the choice of materials used to construct homes as well as the materials chosen for interior designs from flooring to lighting and everything in-between. The use of sunlight and natural light is going to be emphasised with reflective surfaces and the clever use of glass to bring an abundance of natural light into all rooms of our homes. You should also expect to see elements that reflect nature come to the forefront of interiors, but to be really cutting edge and keep abreast of all the current and emerging trends this year keeps your eyes looking towards the environmental movement and the ways you can adopt their approaches and interior design ideas into your living space.

Technological advances are happening so fast that they are not only a trend they are fast becoming a way of life. The technological revolution has already encroached and affected most of our lives and its thought that it going to hit even harder this year. Unless you chose to 'opt out' completely of this technological way of living we'll soon be seeing home theatres and entertainment rooms as part of everyday living. Computer game exercise systems will undoubtedly be included into every home gym within a few years.

Image: Pure Contemporay Blog

Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Top office interior design - New office interior

If you own a business, you will at some point need to redesign Top office interior design - New office interior. This is not just for the sake of aesthetics, it is to render your office more functional, and this is without a doubt a rather worthy goal. The question at this point is, however, how you will go about redesigning that interior, and if you have already redesigned at some point you

Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Modern Home Office Furniture - Living Room Furniture

For business owners attempting to source affordable, yet good quality Modern Home Office Furniture - Living Room Furniture may often prove to be a somewhat daunting task. However, for online buyers, Mobile Tronics, an office system and computer desk superstore, has combined affordability and the widest range that is able to successfully meet the demands of any type of office. Mobile Tronics has

Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Top home interior design ideas

Top interior design - Best interior design school

Programs that are offered Top interior design - Best interior design school in Kansas will vary from those offered in other floral design schools located elsewhere. This is also true for set and fashion design schools. A set design school in Seattle or Top interior design - Best interior design school in New York will have an immense difference in size, atmosphere, financial costs and in other

Virtual Vacation: Great Smoky Mountains

Dave and I have elected to spend our Christmas vacation at home again this year, and while I welcome the opportunity to indulge in a bit of a "staycation," I can't help but wish we were sitting around a slightly more festive environment -- like, say, a cozy cabin nestled in the mountains.Now I'll be the first to admit that I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a girl who likes to "rough it

Interior Trends 2011 – Transforming Perspectives

Interior design and ultimately designers are always being questioned – which is why we have so many different perspectives on how our homes should look each year, let's be honest it would be pretty boring if we didn't! This year's trend of transforming perspectives is more about defining the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world – question the boundaries between art and design to enable them to create innovative radical new designs which are characterised by glass and metal and complemented with hard and soft plastics that combine to form a changeable surfaces.

Another slant on transforming perspectives which will be seen this year is the move away from people looking to live in the biggest and 'best' homes, rather they will be content to live in smaller, beautifully designed homes which have ecc-friendly stamped all over them inside and out.

So how can we, the consumer equate this into our humble abodes? We can of course look to out interiors and embrace the new trends by looking at the materials we choose – we can incorporate the use of glass, metal and plastics, if they're recycled all the better. As DIY will be part of the new trend we can also start looking for curtain material online from fabric wholesalers UK, look for user friendly patterns and guides such as Roman blinds how to make online and have a go at making our own soft furnishings for our homes.

Image: An Indian Summer

Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

Interior design education - Top School Design

Black Walls: A Lasting Trend?

Kelley Interior DesignMore than a decade ago, my cousin painted her small living room black. At the time, I was skeptical, but now it's perfectly clear that she was truly ahead of her time; indeed, in retrospect, those black walls with her black and white toile sofa was super chic).In any case, black walls have been a growing trend in the design world for several years now and they don't appear

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011


I happen to be in Homesense last night and spotted these amazing moroccan pendants.  If you are looking to make a statement these would look amazing!

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Object of Desire

I'm totally in love with this ottoman/stool (dubbed a chakki by Serena & Lily). Available in two finishes (white and a dark walnut) and 12 fabrics (including some fantastic prints), it's a truly versatile piece that would work in a bedroom, living room or den. Even better? The cushion is slip covered for easy washing; perfect if you've got small children or pets. The one downside? It's on the

My faves from West Elm

I am loving these!  What's your favourite?West Elm

Interior Trends 2011 - Re-balancing

The third aspect of interior design which will be seen this year is re-balancing – the experts believe that we, the consumers, have become tired of being constantly bombarded by marketing and are looking for products which are personal and enable us to turn our houses into homes. Within this 're-balancing' trend the emphasis is on simple structures and soft natural materials such as wool.

The keywords for spring and summer are Soften, Energize and Excite. As we saw in my last post colours are predominantly ash grey or black with vibrant injections of bright colour. These colours are being described by words such as airy, waxy and silky. The materials and fabric you choose for your soft furnishings will embrace these keywords so look for curtain materials online such as voile, silk, wool and organza. The natural materials such as wool can be used with beautifully designed floor rugs which will also help to ground your chosen colours.

When trying to re-balance the environmental issues regarding new products we'll need to consider energy consumption, disposal, waste materials and renewable fibres. Interior design is not purely about aesthetics but is about embracing the content and thinking about the style of your interior, questioning where and how products are manufactured, how you'll dispose of them and whether they'll help to lower your carbon footprint.

There's a lot to think about this year and as always interior designers are at the forefront of what's available on the market and how products and materials can be translated into our lives effectively.

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Senin, 24 Januari 2011

10 Things to do in Palm Springs

1.  Visit Old Town La Quinta
Old Town La Quinta is beautiful! The archways, the Saltillo tiles, the flowers, the mountains, every building is lovely to look at. It is an experience, not just pulling up to some strip center on the highway. The bogenvilia was beautiful climbing up the columns.  I love Saltillo tiles, especially on star risers.

Old Town La Quinta 
Old Town La Quinta Palm Springs
Old Town La Quinta Porsche
This is definitely my car of choice to drive in Palm Springs
Old Town La Quinta Saltillo Tiles 
Old Town La Quinta Saltillo tiles on stair risers

Carthusia Note Fiori di Capri Room Spray 
Carthusia Note Fiori di Capri Home fragrance left /Caldi Caldi Boutique Old Town La Quinta Palm Springs

Check-out the wonderful boutique Caldi Caldi. I was lured into this home furnishings store by the most delicious smelling scent from Capri called Note Fiori di Capri, which apparently was the home fragrance used by Jackie O when she was in Capri. Now every time I spray this scent I am transported to another world and time.

2.  Go on a Palm Springs Windmill Tour
When driving or flying into Palm Springs, one of the most striking sights you will see in the Coachella valley is the vast array of wind turbines that sprout from the desert floor. The words "wind turbine" have evolved into what the locals call windmills. My curiosity was piqued so we arranged a tour which was excellent.  Our tour guide Ken Huskey was very knowledgeable, with a lot of the facts and figures that went right over my head. But what did stick with me was how huge the windmills were close up.  To give you a perspective of the scale of these windmills (in the picture below on the left) if you look closely you can see the small figure of a maintenance person dangling from a wire.

Palm Springs WindmillsPalm Springs Windmills
Palm Springs Windmill Tour Coachella Valley
Palm Springs Windmill Tour at the Spa Resort & Casino.

3.  See a rainbow over the Palm Springs Desert mountains
It was unfortunate on this trip to Palm Springs that there were heavy rainfalls which resulted in flooding and the closure of many roads, but I was fortunate to see this beautiful rainbow one afternoon when the rain had stopped.

Rainbow over the Little San Bernardino Mountains Palm Springs
Rainbow over the Little San Bernardino Mountains Palm Springs

4.  Richard Avedon Photography Exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum

The Richard Avedon photography exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum runs through January 30, 2011 and showcases 90 black and white images of notable Avedon subjects including Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan and, of course, some of the Richard Avedon’s iconic shots of Dior’s early work.  I went to the Museum with friends not knowing what was showing. I have long admired Avedon’s photography from afar, so you can imagine my delight in being able to see his iconic photographs up close. His photography is mesmerizing and I had to be dragged out of the exhibit.  I quickly rushed into the Gift Shop and bought Avedon postcards and the Richard Avedon book Women in the Mirror, so I could continue to feast my eyes on his work.

Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum
           Richard Avedon, Self Portrait 1980 / Amazon Book: Women in the Mirror
 Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum
Richard Avedon, Twiggy 1968, gelatin silver print
   Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum    
Richard Avedon, Dovima with elephants 1955, Evening dress by Dior

5. Look at Mid Century Modern Real Estate in Palm Springs

Mid Century Modern Real Estate Palm Springs
Mid Century Modern Real Estate Palm Springs

 Mid Century Modern Real Estate Palm Springs
Mid Century Modern Real Estate Palm Springs

6.  Shop at the Cabazon Outlet Mall

The prices and selection are fantastic!!  Some of my favourite stores are Tod’s, Gucci, Prada, Elie Tahari, Michael Kors, Dior, Ralph Lauren. 

Cabazon Outlet Mall Cabazon Outlet Mall Cabazon Outlet Mall

Cabazon Outlet MallCabazon Outlet Mall  
Cabazon Outlet Mall  Cabazon Outlet Mall

7.  Have supper at Jillian’s Restaurant on El Paseo Drive, Palm Desert

Jillian’s Restaurant is housed in a historic 1946 hacienda style building.  The building was originally built as Fort.  It is still intact complete with the artillery room in the rear.  At the front entrance at Jillian’s you can look at interesting pictures of it in the 40’s.  I found it amazing that when it was was built it was the middle of the desert with nothing around it.  That is hard to imagine today, as it is in the center of the busy and thriving Palm Dessert El Paseo Drive shopping area. Below is what I had for Supper at Jillian’s, which was absolutely delicious.  I think the Apple Dumpling has to be the best desert I have ever tasted!

Jillian's Restaurant El Paseo Dive Palm Desert

 Jillian's Restaurant El Paseo Dive Palm Desert

Tower of Fresh Crab 
Fresh Dungeness crab meat layered between diced avocado,
sweet tomatoes and toasted brioche

Rack of Lamb
Rack of Colorado Lamb rolled in Dijon herb crust,
roasted and presented on a fresh Rosemary scented demi glace

Apple Dumpling
A tart apple cored and filled with cinnamon and pecans, encased in puff pastry,
baked then drizzled with a luscious caramel sauce and served with vanilla bean ice cream

8. Visit the Salton Sea & Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve

Palm Springs Salton Sea 
Salton Sea

Thousand Palms Oasis Coachella Valley Preserve 
Thousand Palms Oasis Coachella Valley Preserve

9. Pick an orange from the tree

Palm Springs Fresh Oranges
Picking fresh, juicy, sweet oranges right from the tree.

10. Swim in Palm Springs Natural Hot Mineral pools
The pool I swam in had water that flows from springs 300 feet deep in the earth and comes out of the ground at 115 degrees Fahrenheit. These Palm Springs therapeutic pools claim to be beneficial for arthritis and back pain, heart and diabetes, weight loss and insomnia. What I like best is that the water is odorless and tasteless.  It is a treat to swim in water that doesn’t smell like chlorine. Palm Springs Natural Hot Mineral Pool

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