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Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Beautiful Black Dining Rooms Designs

If you keep your dining space for special occasions - a colour scheme of black, red and white is very festive and special. Use a panel of black and white wallpaper on a feature wall. Wallpaper is right on trend and there are some great floral and patterned wallpapers that use black as a main colour. A sheer finish adds further glamour and sparkle to the party room. Red can come with accents such as neat ready made roller blinds or table d├ęcor.

It is risky to paint all four walls black in a smaller dining room, so the way around this is to just paint one wall in a gloss black - the gloss cleverly bouncing more light around the space. This can also be achieved with patterned wallpaper - dress the wall of the fireplace, behind your dining table or the outer wall if you have a beautiful window. If you want to incorporate the latest interior design trends then a blackboard wall will fit into a black dining room superbly!

Another idea for lessening black on walls is to use wainscoting with black below and cream or taupe above. Despite wainscoting being a period feature, you can get away with it if the rest of the room uses modern furniture and clean lines.

Image: Small Place Style

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