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Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

Create A Light And Airy Feel To Your Rooms

Voile curtains are great for creating a light and airy feel to your room; they are not as heavy as other curtain fabrics and give a full, flowing look to your window dressing. Voile curtains are ideal to use in bedrooms and living rooms where the d├ęcor is bright and uncluttered.

Choose from a wide range of styles and colours; plain, stripes, floral, contemporary, to complement and enhance your interior. As well as light colours, lined voiles also come in some truly stunning darker (and even black) colour ways to add a touch of drama to your room.

Voile curtains can be made from lots of different fabrics, including linen, organza and made-made. To add additional substances to the curtain but without adding too much bulk or heaviness, you might decide to use lined voile curtains, with a poly cotton lining.

These will still let plenty of light into your room but at the same time provide more privacy then unlined curtains. Lined voiles can be full-length, just to the window sill, draped or even used as a decorative room divider.

Lined voile curtains can be made with eyelet, tab-top, ring-top or pleated headings and many styles come ready-to-hang with matching pelmets and tie-backs.

Why not use voile curtains to create a stunning look to your bathroom as they offer elegant and privacy effortlessly!

Image: A Life's Design

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