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Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

We Spend A Significant Proportion Of Our Time Asleep!

Everyone relishes the thought of climbing into a cosy, inviting bed and snuggling down for a good night’s sleep. We spend a significant proportion of our time asleep so it makes sense to make our bed as comfortable as possible.

The type of bedding that we choose can have a big impact of how inviting our bed is; luxury bedding in particular will go a long way to creating a truly gorgeous place to sleep. Top quality fabrics will be supremely soft and comfortable against the skin and will ensure that the bedding stays perfect all night long.

There are two main fabrics to choose from; Egyptian cotton and Silk. Egyptian cotton is traditionally used in luxury bedding as the high thread-count of the fabric ensures a superior smoothness and coolness.

Silk is also used in top quality bedding; it has a wonderfully soft feel against the skin and a beautiful sheen. It also has the additional benefit of being hypo-allergenic.

All types of bedding, including duvet covers, pillow cases, sheets and bedspreads can be bought in these luxury fabrics. There are specialist companies, particularly on the Internet, who manufacture and supply a vast array of different styles and designs of wonderful bedding.

Image: AtticMag

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