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Selasa, 07 September 2010

3 Interior Design Ideas To Ponder

1. Using Patterns:
One style that really comes into its own with pattern would be country - use lots of different patterns but similar colours to tie everything together. Try a pretty gingham, toile fabric and perhaps a larger check in classic blue and white. Use these patterns for bedding, window treatments, wallpaper and even to upholster a sitting chair. Do use large blocks of a single colour (either white or blue) elsewhere in the room such as the headboard and bedside tables.

2. Romantic Bathrooms:
Don't forget the bathroom when you wish to redecorate in a feminine and romantic style. We love the little mosaic tiles that can be used as a back-splash in a mix of shimmery oyster and ivory. For a unique look, take the tiles up the wall with horizontal stripes on a feature wall (white or light grey paint between the stripes). Another wall could be painted in a pastel colour such as a soft lavender or powdery blue. Give it the girlie stamp with hot pink accents - towels, candles, fresh flowers and pink ready made blinds.

3: Using Green:
Green was popular for home decorating long before we even thought about picking up a paintbrush. You might not have seen lime green curtains or bright aqua in the traditional home, but pea greens, hunter greens and a variety of pastel shades have worked well in the past. If you are working with a period home and want to enhance natural features - try adding in a period green! Choose two or three different shades in the lounge with a cream and some antique gold accents. Dark flooring and/or furniture will be this palette and style's perfect partner.

Image: Belle Maison

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