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Selasa, 21 September 2010

Fresh New Looks For Old Interiors

Home owners planning to decorate can generally be put into two groups - those who really need to update ageing furnishings and those who are just eager for a fresh look. If you have for example a sitting chair in the lounge that is in relatively good condition, but you can't stand the design any more - don't immediately think to throw it out or pass it on. It will cost you far less to buy slip-covers than a new chair. You can choose curtain fabrics online in a colour and pattern that you love which will successfully hide what lies beneath. The same rule can be applied to flooring which can be given rugs to hide stains or take the bare look away.

When you see something that you like - so much that its almost tempting to take out a loan, stop! Think of your bank balance - admire it for a few minutes more and ask yourself what it is you like about it. Could you bring that element into the home another way? Or, could you cheat and find the same look in a cheaper alternative?

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a new look; simply think outside the box and take inspiration from new interior design trends to keep your home looking fresh and new!

Image: AtticMag

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