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Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Beautiful Black Bedroom Ideas - Gothic Inspirations

From pitch black to a midnight blue, this time we see a little colour coming through! Once again, it has to be said that the dark walls can make compromises for unisex bedrooms. You can also afford to use a colour that is neither too 'masculine' or too 'feminine' like a red-orange (another colour showing up an awful lot lately). A classic mid-century modern design is tasteful for exploring darker palettes; if you choose more period d├ęcor you can expect a more dramatic look and one that can be quite Gothic - depends on your personal taste I guess. I rather like the clean simple lines of the wooden bookcase-come-headboard in this idea.

The idea of having a shelving unit framing the bed makes bedtime all the more cosy, just having to reach behind your head to pick up a good read before dozing off. Choose duvet cover sets in white, but this time with a coloured print like the red-orange example - a graphic floral print is very eye catching. You can add a warm medium grey to the picture with floor rugs and some table lamps UK to add a sultry atmosphere if you want!

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