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Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Beautiful Black Bedroom Ideas

I am full of anticipation for this intimate bedroom; just because I know many initial thoughts will be negative – so much black you ask? How does it work without feeling Gothic or moody? I guess you have to appreciate the darker side of decorating a little to accept this idea; but it is really interesting how you can play with texture and pattern when sticking to one colour.

Of course, no idea is legitimate without the possibility of taking it and doing your own thing with it – if you want a little more white, if you want a little less black; just go for it and see how it unfolds. Back to black – three walls coated in matte black and the wall behind your bed head is papered up in a black matte and metallic print.

Bedding comprises of a black duvet but different textures give it detail – try a black satin duvet cover, a mixture of black silk and velvet cushions and a leather upholstered headboard; you can't tell me this doesn't sound inviting! You can lighten the room with mirrors, inclusive of mirrored furniture. Add the final touch with bedroom rugs - black and grey check print is so very appropriate!

Image: PadStyle

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