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Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

Have An Eye For A Bargain!

Having an eye for a bargain is hot on everyone's agenda, especially if you've just moved into your first flat or home. As we all know a bargain is only a true bargain if you actually need the object you're buying, it's not the same as a 'wish list'!

I classify window dressing as a necessity not a luxury! Therefore to get real value for money you need to scour curtains for sale from a discount fabric warehouse and snap up genuine bargain which will you can use, and if necessary re-use, time and time again.

Look for reversible curtains as these will enable you to change the look of a room as well as giving your neighbours something new to look at if you don't have nets or blinds!

Also look out for curtain linings thermal style to give you added comfort and help reduce heat loss via your windows, which in turn will help lower your fuel bills! Do a little savvy shopping and you'll find that you can be frugal without having to scrimp on having a stylish window dressing!

Opt for patterned curtain fabrics as these will not restrict your interior style as you'll be able to pick out colours from the fabric to use as an accent to create a harmonious look.

Image:Endless Inspiration

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