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Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

Stay True To Your Own Individuality

Mix and not matching creates a chic style which suits modern family homes and lifestyles. Stripes are known to make rooms appear taller which gives the illusion of more space and light.

With discount fabric warehouse stores online its easy to collect materials of all colours, patterns and fabrics to make an abundance of cushions to pile onto sofas, chairs and beds to create a homely look.

I think it makes a real change to focus on reality rather than dreaming of the impossible! Interior designers undoubtedly create great interiors, however for the vast majority these designs come with a hefty price tag – the trick is to use the ideas, tweak them a little and create your own interior style which reflects your independence and personality not your budget.

With little skill you can transform your living space into a haven rich with colour, pattern and chic style. Just remember to stand true to the style of your home and leave the homes of the rich and famous as places to visit in person or via the internet and pinch ideas from!

Be open to trying new styles, experiment and broaden your horizons so that your home becomes envied!

Image: Decorology

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