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Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

Innovative Ways To Brighten Your Kitchen Cupboards

We know that bold patterns are right on-trend this year, along with people being more pedantic over the choice they make for using sustainable materials. As such why not use bright bold fabric to cover your kitchen cupboards?

An inexpensive and very different approach to up-dating kitchen cupboards! With the ability to buy fabric online then are a whole plethora of beautiful designs and patterns to choose from. Opt for medium weight fabrics to enable you to simply stick it to the cupboard doors.

You should also look for fabrics which don't fray otherwise you'll have to turn a small hem all the way round which, unless you're very careful won't give you a nice flat and even surface edge. PVC fabric may be the best choice as these are also wipe clean, have a thicker density which won't be spoilt by glue seeping through.

Ask staff in a fabric warehouse for suggestions if you're unsure or drop their customer service team an e-mail for advice.

You have to admit this is an ingenious and inexpensive way of bringing a whole new trendy look to your kitchen! You could even use the same fabric for a table runner or make your own Roman blinds for a balanced and cohesive look.

Image: AtticMag

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