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Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Decorating Ideas For Young Teen's Bedrooms

Decorating children's bedrooms can be fun, but once your kids reach a certain age you may find there are vast differences between what they like and what you like and that includes the cost!

They're no doubt be after the latest on-trend 'must-have' which will cost an arm and a leg, whilst you'll be looking for value for money and hard wearing, durable fabrics and materials!

Neutral walls and flooring will be a better plan than bubblegum pink or primary blue. You have so many options to add colour in where it can be easily changed, such as the window dressing, that it is better to leave the walls and flooring a neutral canvas that will easily blend into new designs later down the line. If your young teen wants hot pink curtains to match their bedspread then go with it, next year they'll probably want lime green curtains and new duvet cover sets!

Besides, try having the final say on decorating your teen's bedroom! The older they get, the more difficult it is to decorate their bedrooms and the more toys/books/clothes etc. etc. they will have to be stored away - making storage a key planning essential. Furthermore, their rooms become multi-functional and not only will they need it for sleep but for entertaining friends, doing their homework and generally to have seek refuge from moaning mums and dads!

Image: Small Place Style

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