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Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

Pretty Summer Pastels

Pastels colours are rather like Marmite, you either love them or hate them! However, the newest sherbet colours bridge the gap between the palest of pastels and the more intense colours of bright bolds rather effectively and of course sherbets are right on-trend!

There will be rooms within the home that can carry off a completely pastel or sherbet palette such as the bedroom and the bathroom. These spaces should be easy on the eye and relaxing - something that a pastel can achieve in an instant. Duck egg blue bedding works well when teamed with cream or ivory for a chic refined look which is up market and more formal.

More livable rooms such as the lounge and dining space may work better when you add a punch of neon colour such as lime green curtains to a pastel backdrop.

Pretty pastels can be used in the bathroom to create a soft and relaxing place to relax and de-stress. For a coastal look experiment with light shades of blues and greens that will look all the more crisp when paired with white wood and fixtures. Choose accessories carefully, as your don't want the style to vie for attention with the colours; peaceful tranquillity is desired look.

Image: Delight By Design

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