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Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

What Gives Your Bedroom The 'Wow' Factor?

If you have a fairly sleek bedroom and want to give it more of the 'wow' factor, consider one piece of furniture or a wall decoration that makes heads turn. An armchair that is an unusual shape and with a chosen accent colour. Taking one wall and giving it new life with a daring wallpaper print would also be a good option.

If you insist on having neutral colours in the bedroom then why not warm things up by choosing a monochrome scheme in shades of black and white. With the right choice of fabrics and black and white bedding you can make a relaxing retreat - go with all things soft to touch such as cashmere or Chinese silk. A simple graphic print on bedding will add more depth and interest to the final look.

Perhaps you need more space? It can be that you are looking to re-decorate with new colours and fabrics or even update furniture and/or the flooring.

You could also install spotlights above the bed for extra light on the evening. Try to choose colours and patterns that are not too dark, demanding or 'busy'. Neutrals and pastels in block colours or with a fine pattern will be the best option to give the appearance of more light and space.

Image: Decorology

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