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Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

In High Spirits 2 - Maximising Space in Your Home

As we pack away our festive decorations we also look at the improvements we can do to our homes – maximising space is one of the biggest problems. However, whilst we're still in high spirits and still on the 'wave' our New Year's resolution now is the time to give serious consideration to the space we call home!

The idea of maximising space is becoming more and more common as home owners require space for their work/study area. Open shelving takes up the free wall space and a slim desk fits snugly under the stairwell . Make it all the more seamless and less obstructive by choosing light neutrals over colours. Wherever your windows are, you might need to consider some ready made blinds to have control over the light flooding into your new home office space – this could also be your opportunity to bring in some colour.

You could also use the space under the stairs for storing outdoor gear, shoes and school bags – just do it tastefully rather than throwing it all in the nook! Build into the nook an exact fit unit that has vertical compartments and a bench seat at the bottom which protrudes out from the nook. If you are a family of four for example, four compartments would give everyone their own space to hang up coats and scarves. The bench seat below could even be an Ottoman offering more hidden storage for sports equipment or shoes.

Image: Atticmag

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