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Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Interior Trends 2011 – Eco-Decorating and Technology

Neither of these are particularly new trends but both are rumoured to continue to play a large part of interior design throughout 2011. The main changes will continue to be the choice of materials used to construct homes as well as the materials chosen for interior designs from flooring to lighting and everything in-between. The use of sunlight and natural light is going to be emphasised with reflective surfaces and the clever use of glass to bring an abundance of natural light into all rooms of our homes. You should also expect to see elements that reflect nature come to the forefront of interiors, but to be really cutting edge and keep abreast of all the current and emerging trends this year keeps your eyes looking towards the environmental movement and the ways you can adopt their approaches and interior design ideas into your living space.

Technological advances are happening so fast that they are not only a trend they are fast becoming a way of life. The technological revolution has already encroached and affected most of our lives and its thought that it going to hit even harder this year. Unless you chose to 'opt out' completely of this technological way of living we'll soon be seeing home theatres and entertainment rooms as part of everyday living. Computer game exercise systems will undoubtedly be included into every home gym within a few years.

Image: Pure Contemporay Blog

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