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Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Interior Trends 2011 – Transforming Perspectives

Interior design and ultimately designers are always being questioned – which is why we have so many different perspectives on how our homes should look each year, let's be honest it would be pretty boring if we didn't! This year's trend of transforming perspectives is more about defining the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world – question the boundaries between art and design to enable them to create innovative radical new designs which are characterised by glass and metal and complemented with hard and soft plastics that combine to form a changeable surfaces.

Another slant on transforming perspectives which will be seen this year is the move away from people looking to live in the biggest and 'best' homes, rather they will be content to live in smaller, beautifully designed homes which have ecc-friendly stamped all over them inside and out.

So how can we, the consumer equate this into our humble abodes? We can of course look to out interiors and embrace the new trends by looking at the materials we choose – we can incorporate the use of glass, metal and plastics, if they're recycled all the better. As DIY will be part of the new trend we can also start looking for curtain material online from fabric wholesalers UK, look for user friendly patterns and guides such as Roman blinds how to make online and have a go at making our own soft furnishings for our homes.

Image: An Indian Summer

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