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Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Contemporary Interior Design Ideas - Squaring

One thing that stands out about contemporary and modern design is its sharpness, its concern with function and function as the design itself. Square angles are incredibly functional – it its basic form it maximises space, it is most conducive to guests facing each other while they sit, it gives the easiest option for placement of tables and other accents.

The look of the square design in a lounge is about creating a subtle paradox – the angles and placement are square and sharp, but some of the pieces are curved and sleek and all serving an exact purpose and function. It is related to the use of and shape of the people who are in the room and this creates a really cool relationship between the people, the design and the pieces.

By having this style and it's objects placed in a square fashion, not only does it increase space – which of course makes everything seem bigger and more open, it gives the visitor more time to reflect on what is in the room and its relation to the space.

These shapes also cause us to be extra aware of the space around the object. A square shelving unit on the wall for example, holding books or decorations inside, but carrying nothing on top is a bit of fun tricking on the mind's eye. It is about function and here is a spot where the function is ignored – it can be used, but is not. This causes us to reflect on the space around it and thus on the piece itself.

Take some of the latest interior design ideas and use them in your home – you'll be amazed how different your rooms will look!

Image: decorology

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