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Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Using Colour – Hide & Highlight!

The clever use of colour can help to create lots of different effects in your room. Colour can be used to highlight feature points of the room or to help conceal area that you want to down-play. Cool colours give the effect of increasing space and make the walls appear to recede while warm colours create a cosy environment and tend to bring walls “closer together”. A light colour will help to make a low ceiling appear higher, whereas painting a darker colour on the ceiling will give the impression of bringing it down and reducing the cold feel of the room.

Yellow is an ever-popular colour choice for lots of rooms in the house and can be used in different ways to create a variety of looks. Yellow is naturally cheerful and welcoming, so is a great choice for halls and stairs. However, it can also work to brilliant effect in kitchens and bedrooms.
Pastel yellow shades are a good choice if you are looking to create a sense of airiness and calm.

However, care is needed when using clear yellow shades in north-facing rooms as the poor natural light can lead to a rather drab effect. Denser, more opaque shades tend to work better here. Try accessorising with cushions and throws in a strong, toning colour such as blue or green to create interest and focus in your room. Coloured-glassware and lush green-foliaged house plants will sit well in this setting and complement your colour-scheme.

Image: Belle Maison

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