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Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Using Colour - Natural Palettes of Shades Part 1

The possibilities for choosing a colour scheme for your room can seem endless and somewhat daunting. However, by considering various criteria you will almost certainly decide upon a scheme that you love and is just right for your room. Personal choice and favourites are a good place to start – which colours are you naturally drawn to and make you feel good? Think about the size of the room you are decorating and what the room will be used for. How much natural light is there and how much will you be relying on artificial lighting?

The colour wheel is a useful tool when deciding on a colour scheme as it guides you through the harmonising and complementary colours and can help you to decide which combinations of colours and shades work for you and your room.

The Naturals palette of shades is ever popular and timeless. It offers simplicity and a clean and calm ambience. Although maybe not considered as colours in themselves the enormous choice and variety of white and cream shades can be used cleverly to create interesting and beautiful interiors. This is particularly so when they are combined with the creative use of textures and in accessories such as rugs, ornaments, cushions and throws.

Image: Belle Maison

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