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Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Chic And Contemporary Clean Lines

This has to be the the epitome of a contemporary bathroom using natural stone. Providing an opulent space which is simply stunning, although it doesn't actually look usable! Who would want to spoil the look by adding the necessary bathroom commodities of everyday living?

The use of natural stone in bathrooms continues to be extremely popular, the subtle colour tones make each vanity unit or bath completely unique. Having a bespoke bathroom has to be the dream of many people and yet although this bathroom is fabulous it does lack homeliness in my opinion.

It also demonstrates to perfection the versatility of cheap Venetian blinds and the beautiful light effects they produce. Of course Venetian blinds are the perfect window dressing in any style of bathroom, irrespective of its size. The latest designs have special coatings which make them moisture resistant and ideal for the humid atmospheres of bathrooms, along with providing the necessary privacy from the outside world!

Venetian blinds are infamous for providing clean lines for windows in modern and contemporary homes and although they are still used in work places and offices they have found their way into people's homes in spectacular style!

Image: Haven and Home

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