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Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Give Yourself A Winter Home Improvement Project

Up-cycling and recycling continue to make a huge impression of the world of interior design. It's not only kinder to the planet it's also kinder to the pocket!

I love the idea of selecting random styles of chairs painting them and re-upholstering the seats with the same fabric to give a sense of cohesion and balance. With the wide choice of curtain material online you can find some fabulous patterns and designs at really low prices. Just image how much chairs like this would cost if bought pre-done?

Have some fun in your spare time and actually get round to carrying out a DIY project which doesn't involve painting walls or building cupboards from scratch. The great thing about this type of project is that you can take your time and complete it over a number of months as you find another chair in need of some TLC, just remember to but sufficient fabric if you want the chair seats to match.

Alternatively you could use completely different fabrics just as long as the shades and tone compliment each other, and still produce some simply stunning dining chairs!

If you opt for patterned fabric if you have plain walls and curtains or plain fabric if you have patterned walls and curtains otherwise the chic styling you're trying to achieve may just end up looking like a mis-match which you won't be happy with!

Image: Vintage and Chic

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