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Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

Using The Natural Beauty Of Wood

Natural wood remains at the top of the interior design world list of 'must haves' in both traditional and modern homes.

As you know wood comes in many different colours and sources and it is these which make each piece of furniture or home uniquely different. Nature is of course a master at providing us with coordinating colour schemes! The use of a combination of light and dark wood within the same room offers an understated touch of refinement.

If you also coordinate your soft furnishings and window dressing with one of the wood colours you can automatically create a beautiful interiors which flows and has a sense of balance and cohesion.

Dark wooden curtain poles which compliment the window casing and flooring provides an elegant look, in contrast coordinate your curtains with the colour of a chest or perhaps a bed frame and you have once again achieved balance within the room.

The same principles apply in any style of home, even those with a contemporary style will look stunning when balance and fluidity is incorporated within the room.

Bombard your eyes with an unstructured and disorganisation jumble and you'll end up with a headache! This is not to say rooms have to be dull and boring – far from it! But they should have a sense of purpose and direction.

Image: AtticMag

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