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Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

Practical Window Dressing Or Not?

Have you found that sometimes a pair of curtains just get in the way? If you have, maybe you'd like to try this new window dressing concept of having only one curtain hung from a short curtain pole!

We have all seen one large curtain which is wept to one side and held in place with a tieback, however this new look is totally different as only one half of the window can ever have a curtain pulled across it.

This may be innovative but is it really practical? I suppose the answer depends on whether your room is overlooked. If it's not them this style is certainly worth considering and is ideal for a single curtain panel of organza, voile curtains or lightweight natural linen fabric.

You have to admit that the idea would certainly solve many window dressing dilemmas and if you were over-looked by neighbours you could also use cheap blinds in a complimentary colour which can be pulled down at night and not interfere with the curtain panel.

Team with your duvet sets and you can transform a bedroom into a very chic style which looks far nicer than trying to get a curtain to hang properly behind a piece of furniture! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Image: Desire to Inspire

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