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Jumat, 09 April 2010

1 Room – 2 Window Treatments

Dreamy, pretty and 'oh so warm, summer days', I love the simplicity of gorgeous designs such as these. The combination of patterns and colours in soft pastels bring a touch of femininity to lounges, creating an easy living and informal ambience which suits all styles of interiors beautifully.

With so many fabulous ready made curtains online it's easy to replicate this style of window dressing. In fact you could have two different weight curtains, one set for winter the other for summer, to banish the winter blues and give your rooms a breath of fresh air each spring and summer using floaty floral fabrics. When the cooler days of autumn approach swap for rich colours and heavy fabrics such as crushed velvet to bring a warm cosiness to your rooms.

Think outside the box, rather than have the same pair of curtains all year round, use ready made eyelet curtains and wooden curtain poles to make the switch over effortless.

It's a great way to liven up your rooms and cost effective to boot! Add coordinating accessories, filled cushions, table lamps and rugs and the dynamics of your living space can be altered instantly and effectively.

You don't have to keep redecorating, choose white or neutral colours for walls, floors and ceiling as these will team with accent colours wonderfully.

Image: Bahraini Diva

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