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Selasa, 20 April 2010

Simple Patterns Made Into Stunning Style

Patterns play a huge part of our lives and although you may not be a 'pattern person' and prefer plain fabrics for your home, there is something simply stunning about stripes and zigzags which is almost mesmerising.

Blue stripes on a white background give a nautical look which is very on-trend this year. Choosing lightly quilted bedspreads king size of course, provides a sleek and stylish way to give your bed and your bedroom the 'wow' factor.

These colour combinations also provide a crisp, clean look to the room, add the bed canopy with a slightly smaller stripe and the eye is automatically drawn upwards, which is a great way of making ceilings appear higher.

The all important finishing touches need to be kept with the same crisp, clean lines and yet adding a different pattern in such a subtle way is the perfect answer to having a beautifully made made bed and a stunning bedroom to-boot.

If blue is not your preferred colour the same effects can be achieved using just about any other colour teamed with white to get the clean look. Red striped adds a touch of drama and romance which is ideal for bedrooms, just remember that the darker the stripes the more of an impact they will make.

Image: Absolutely Beautiful Things

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