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Rabu, 28 April 2010

Change Your Accessories To Bring A Room Back To Life

As we all know it's the finishing touches which lifts a room and gives it the 'wow' factor. Yes, of course you have to get the colour scheme right, along with positioning furniture to make the most of the available space within a room, but it's the creature comforts which transform the look of rooms by providing balance and cohesion.

Table lamps contemporary in style are one accessory which no home should be without. They don't have to be matching, if fact table lamps with different base shapes and shades add to the interest of the room as well as being ideal to create the right mood and ambience in a room.

Most homes in the UK have central ceiling lighting and whilst this is okay when you need to illuminate the entire room they can cause a room to look either over illuminated or harsh. Soft and gentle lighting placed strategically around a room offers a much calmer and refined lighting effect which is also conducive to relaxation and provides an informal homely feel.

Look for table lamps with unusual shaped bases, along with shades which coordinate with you colour scheme, turn off the central light and you'll be surprised at the difference within the room.

So rather than re-decorate try adding new accessories, such as table and floor lamps, cushions and rugs to bring a tired looking room back to life.

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