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Jumat, 02 April 2010

Maximise Natural Light By Using Bay Window Curtain Poles

Bring a warm and cosy look to your living rooms by choosing ready made curtains in gorgeous milk chocolate colours! Well it is Easter, so why not indulge in sumptuous chocolate colours which are as stylish as some of the Easter eggs!

This year we know that texture is playing an important part in interior designs, rich velvet fabric is renowned for its opulence and stylish looks which have been used for centuries in the homes of the wealthy. Today we can all enjoy this luxury as fabric warehouses online and in the high street have the latest colours along with crushed velvet, silks and satin to change the look of your home.

Full length curtains hung from gold metal rings on bay window curtain poles provide a sleek look which brings out the beauty of the window and the curtains in an unpretentious way. Team with candy pink velvet covered chairs to bring your bay window alive and give them a spring look.

With curtain pole spares readily available you can also use curtain rings which slide over the fixings which allows you to pull the curtains right back to each side of the bay window. These are ideal if the window is small and north facing as it maximises the amount of light entering the room.

Image: La Dolce Vita

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