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Rabu, 03 November 2010

On-Trend Colour Combinations – Yellow and Grey

If you like the thought of a neutral lounge that is light and airy, but you wish to have more warmth then a light creamy yellow may be your answer. This works wonderfully in a small lounge that needs to combine lots of light with the cosy factor!

Begin with white walls all around and a dark wood floor - perhaps giving it a new stain if needed; in the end you will just catch a glimpse of the flooring around the edge but it will make all the difference in a darker, bordering colour. An area rug brings in comfort but opens the space in a textured white. Choose sofa and chairs to be arranged around a coffee table - this is your opportunity too to bring in that creamy yellow with upholstered sofa chairs.

Grey comes in the picture with chrome accessories, metallic coffee table and softly patterned white and grey cheap cushion covers. Finish the look with floaty ready made curtains UK that add height to the room when hung from ceiling to floor - choose white with that same creamy yellow coming in with a pattern or motif.

Image: Bright, Bold & Beautiful

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