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Jumat, 19 November 2010

Quick Tips To Creating A Beautiful Lounge

Picking out furniture can be a chore, especially if you are looking to match what you have painted on the walls. A good couch or love seat is important and you are looking for relaxing comfort, not necessarily looks. If you are looking to keep the room 'warm' avoid leather furniture and stick to plush couches with low key patterns that add character to the room, and don't make themselves the centre of attention.

Wooden furniture is a good idea in this case too; wood adds a rustic, lived in look that you can't beat. A veteran do-it-yourself-er might find interest in purchasing some old tables or other wooden pieces and refinishing them, or if you find modern glass and metal your thing you can purchase or build your lounge around a leather couch or a glass coffee table.

When looking for ready made curtains UK, go with a pattern that compliments your paint job to break up the monotony and go with curtain pole finials that match your furniture - there are wooden and metal ones in a wide variety of designs and styles to match your scheme.

Besides colour accessories as essential. A big coffee table might be in order, or paintings with bold colours to contrast your paint scheme would be a nice addition to your area, add extra softness under foot by adding floor rugs in front of your sofa or chairs. With a little effort, in no time, you should be able simply sit and relax in your liveable lounge.

Image: AtticMag

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