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Jumat, 12 November 2010

Order of The Day – The Dining Room

There are several ways to getting your dining room in order. Decide on your colour scheme and what kind of furniture you want, and then accessorise properly. Remember that the table is the centre of the room and every thing else can revolve around it if it is relatively simple and easy to dress up. Curtains and curtain poles can be purchased to match the colour scheme, even if it is metal. The next meal that you have in there could be the best one yet - considering how many compliments you could get if you choose your décor and accessories carefully!

Once you get your colour scheme and decide what kind of furniture you want, you can pick out your accessories, including the window dressing. Kitchen blinds are ideal if your window is situated above your sink as they won't get in the way when pulled up or down.

If you prefer curtains metal curtain poles are ideal for a contemporary styles kitchen. The best thing about metal curtain poles is that they can be purchased to match whatever your kitchen looks like. If you have a lot of metal and glassware the curtain pole brackets and ends can be clear or brushed glass, or even brass or silver depending on what you like or what matches your décor. The best part is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be a great addition to any décor to give it the 'wow' factor!
Image: AtticMag

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