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Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

Adding Colour To Your Home

Looking to brighten your interior? Colour plays a vital role in our homes, having an impact on our well-being and although not everyone has a favourite colour and so you might take ideas from the latest colour trends for interior decorating.

Thankfully, there is never just one colour trend so everyone should be inspired by at least one of the following colour trends for 2010:

* Serene Colour Palette - Try cool blues, mineral greys and muted teals.

* Futuristic Colour Palette - Try intense reds, purples, zesty yellows and turquoise.

* Elegant Colour Palette - Try dusky lilacs, pinks, bronze and gold.

* Harmonised Colour Palette - Try natural greens, coral and warm greys.

* Playful Colour Palette - Try mixing it up with bright colour, earthy tones and clean pastels.

Adding colour in small quantities, such as choosing cheap cushion covers in a new colour may be a good start rather than subject your system to a complete shock – not only will you be able to see how a new colour affects your well-being – if you come to loathe the colour it's easier to change, and more cost effective, than having to completely redecorate.

Image: Haven and Home

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