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Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

Minimalism – You Either Love It Or Hate It!

Minimalism - you might like to see it as a style, then again you might not. It is more a way of living and everyone could feel the benefits of simple living habits. Minimalism does not have to be extreme and lack any form of character, but to have the attitude of 'less is more' will give way to a home environment that is calming, free of clutter and in a strange sense – liberating!

Without all of the clutter in your home and excess, there will be nothing that demands your attention and distract you from the thoughts and tasks that really matter in life. Something else that may appeal to most is the less time you will have to spend cleaning around knick-knacks and hoovering up floors crammed with unnecessary objects.

However minimalism style doesn't have to be bland and boring; it's a case of getting the balance right - colour schemes which suit the style of your home and compliment your furniture and soft furnishings.

Use interior design ideas to give you inspiration and food for thought! - especially if you fed up with every interior design TV show and magazine telling you to de-clutter and you're not quite sure where to begin.

Image: A Life's Design

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