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Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

Ideas For Decorating Children's Bedrooms: A Beach Theme

First, you will need to pry open the door and assess the storage situation. Most of the time, it is the ever-growing pile of toys and books that make us shudder on entering our child's bedrooms. It is this clutter and chaos that makes us realise that something needs to be done and it wouldn't be harmful to give the whole room a makeover!

Buying some extra storage would be a good move in the right direction. The cheaper options are plastic boxes with clip on lids - choose them in bright colours to add eye-candy for kids or even consider normal waste bins in bright colours for storing anything from toys, school supplies and hats. You will feel a lot better knowing that all of their possessions have a given space and they will like the bright colour additions!

Children absolutely love the beach so they will be fascinated to see their own bedroom transform into their very own private beach cove! Strongly linked with summer holidays, the beach theme will play on light and bright colours to have that sunshine feeling. Choose bedding and curtain sets in colours inspired by the sea. Involve your children with the decorating process - they will give lots of hints at to what they love about the beach and how you can incorporate their ideas into the room or even as a focal point.
Image: On Interior Design

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