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Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

Can't Find The Curtains You're Looking? - Simple, Make Your Own!

If you're looking for a particular style of window dressing and are fed up with not being able to find exactly what you're after, then why not join this years interior design revival of making your own curtains or blinds? Further still you could even opt for second hand curtains and add your own personal touches with trimmings.

Making curtains is really not that difficult as long as you have the basic skills of being able to use a sewing machine; having said that you could even cheat and use the latest haberdashery and take up hems using iron-on tape! If you want Roman blinds these are available in kit form and all you need is a kit and the fabric!

With those parts out of the way you can begin with contemplating colours and/or patterns for your curtain project. Neutral colours are easy on the eye and can look good in nearly every space - they will also enhance on light or give the impression of light.

Colours create moods too so think about cool tones for bedrooms and bathrooms, warm tones for kitchens and dining spaces. It might be easiest to go with an existing colour palette that you have in your room. With large windows or rooms you have more options when it comes to bold patterns but with a smaller scale you should look for delicate details or stripes.

Image: Absolutely Beautiful Things

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