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Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

A Brief Look At Feng Shui

You could look at Feng Shui as having an underlying theme of nature and its concepts will relate in some respects to the interior design trend of green-living.

First, the arrangement of furniture is very important. With beds or seating, you should try to have them placed so that when they are in use you have a clear path of sight towards the door or entrance to that room. Furthermore, the positioning should allow you to see so much of the room as possible. For example, bed-heads will be placed on the back wall of a room in the direction of the door.

* You will need adequate and good storage solutions so that everything is neatly kept in place rather than cluttering up spaces and the flow of nature's energy.

* Never use dried flowers as these are considered dead and therefore don't provide positive energy – always use fresh flowers and plants. Add further touches of floral designs by opting for curtain material online which will give you the widest choice of colours and designs to compliment your colour scheme.

* Choose your colours wisely as some will have a more positive affect on well-being than others. Lime green curtains are a good choice which reflect nature, new growth and new beginnings.

Keep you home clutter free and introduce aspects of Feng Shui into each room to feel the difference in your home!

Image: AtticMag

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